Have you ever read something that you thought was in a language you understood yet had know idea what you just read? It happens to me more than I’d like, esp. when reading code examples by folks who might be great programmers, but might not be the best teachers.

While I don’t consider myself a great teacher, Techsarcana is my attempt to right that situation, one technically arcane example at a time.

Here you will not find any basic primer on learning how to code, but you might find an answer to a very specific question that I felt needed to be explained so that a four-year-old could understand it.

It’s a place where you might have an “a ha!” moment, learn something new, or remember something old.

Some of the content here will be overly simple for some, while potentially challenging for others.

My hope is that anyone looking to understand something might benefit from the content they find here.

Enjoy 🌈 🦄